The smarter way of doing photo reports.

Create structured reports with sketches, photos, and notes that everyone understands.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

Water damage report

Client residence

Renovation and inspection

Structured reports

Quickly create easy to understand reports with photos, notes, and annotations.

Easy documentation

Use the mobile app to document everything on the job – from start to finish.

Unlimited storage

Store all your projects and photos in the cloud with no storage limit.
Photos, notes & annotations

More than just a report

Start with a sketch and use photos, notes, and annotations for better context. Use the photo markup feature for even clearer documentation.

Notes & annotation icons

Choose from multiple notes and annotation icons to best highlight your observations.

Home Team Pest Defense

“magicplan is an amazing app!  We love it! It has been a true lifesaver for us! Its user friendly, fast and mobile. Being able to share with each other is also one of the best features it could possibly have. Having floor plans at our finger tips makes a huge difference for us!”

Tina Richardson
Home Team Pest Defense
Custom Forms

Forms tailored to your job

Easily create templates for forms, questionnaires, and checklists. Adapt them to your needs, share with others, and collect information in a unified way for all your projects.

Desktop feature

Created in the Cloud

Use the magicplan Cloud to create and centrally manage your forms, questionnaires, and checklists.

Create form templates
App feature

All forms at your fingertips

Access all your forms from the Cloud and easily fill them in on your mobile device.

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Report PDF's

Reports that give you the whole picture

Structured, customized reports sent to your clients directly from the app.


Download our examples
Download the example of the Report PDF export for your use case.

Home Team Pest Defense

“magicplan has been an absolute time-saver for us!  It’s user-friendly and easy to learn. With magicplan, even the most complex lighting installations can be planned in half the time. I can only recommend it!”

Eric Riley
Sales & Marketing Director, illuma lighting
360° virtual tours

Immersive 3D experience

Create a virtual tour by connecting 360° camera or adding 360° pictures to your floor plan.

Tap to interact

Supported 360° cameras: Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta S, Ricoh Theta SC, Ricoh Theta Z1

Share your projects

Instant project sharing

Share your projects with others by simply sending them a link.

360 tour 3d room views

Cloud hosted floor plans act as a hub for you to show projects.

Supported devices

360° & thermal cameras

Get even more out of magicplan by connecting it to one of the compatible devices.

ricoh-camera flir-camera

Supported models

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