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Home Remodeling

Instantly create 2D & 3D sketches and estimates onsite.

Close deals faster

Deliver winning estimates

Manage clients’ expectations by allowing them to preview and approve their remodel before work begins. And all of that, before you even leave their home. 
cabinet installation estimate pdf template with cost break down and total and wall elevation view of cabinets with measurements
magicplan for Home Remodeling

Leave your pen and paper behind

Create accurate estimates in minutes:


  • Measure with 100% accuracy using features like connected Bluetooth laser meter
  • Save time by instantly creating and editing plans in 2D & elevation view, and visualizing results in 3D
  • Collaborate on jobs, both internally and with other industry professionals
  • Streamline project management onsite with online & offline work capabilities and unlimited cloud storage
3D room with wall selected for painting with paint red icon

Kitchen Remodeling Project A-Z 📐

This FREE ebook will help you accelerate your business revenue by completing kitchen remodels that exceed your customers' expectations.

Contractor's kitchen remodeling ebook with sketch kitchen and morden wood natural colors kitchen before and after

We’ve got templates for that.


What users are saying about magicplan

Eben BarnardKBAC Flooring

"With magicplan I've probably saved 70% of my time on the measuring and drawing side of things, to be able to quote." Read more ➝

Rich SelandSeland’s Abbey Flooring Center

"We save a lot of time with magicplan. It's not uncommon for me to measure four to five jobs per day, and be able to have all of those jobs ready to go the next day with magicplan documents." Read more ➝

Raphael SammutBilldr Renovation

"I would probably say magicplan is ‘magic,’ because for customers, honestly, sometimes it is like magic for them to see their plans come together so quickly. It also makes us look really good. When we go into a person’s home with a laser, with magicplan, with a 360-degree camera, we appear very tech-enabled." Read more ➝

FREEDOM Australia
Courtney OldsFreedom

"I think the best part of magicplan is the fact that it is so easy to use, and you can really stay connected with your customer and get them involved. That is so important because, at the end of the day, it's their home and you want them to feel that they are part of the design process." Read more ➝

Trevor MonkMonk’s Home Improvements

"magicplan shaves 20 to 30 minutes off every appointment. That’s because when we did a drawing on paper, we would have to deliver the paper to our office. Now we just have to press a button and it gets sent in electronically" Read more ➝

Dorian ViolleauGroupe Cassous

"The best thing about magicplan is the user-friendliness of the tool and the quick learning curve for our employees along with the advanced options of the tool if the site requires it. " Read more ➝

Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 13.47.50
Sébastian PaumierÉco-Courtier

"When I go to see a customer, I say just one thing: "I use magicplan, and nothing else. Why? Because if I start to work with other industry-known software, I will spend hours and hours and hours working. I can do that if you want, but it's more expensive. What do you prefer?" They always say, "I prefer the smaller price." So it's perfect." Read more ➝


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