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Easily calculate material & labor costs and generate ready to use PDFs. All of that using one estimating app.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

Mobile estimating

Generate professional estimates using your mobile device.

Save time & money

Decrease the amount of time you spend on estimating by over 30%.

Close more deals

Close more deals by providing estimates on the spot.
Price List Manager

A tool that adapts to the job.

Accessible from the cloud, Price List Manager lets you create structured price lists with folders and modules. Easily adaptable to the way you and your team work with price lists published to the app with just one click.

Add items

A detailed cost estimate consists of many elements. Add all of them to your price list, including details such as name, description, and pricing model.

Add items to your price list

“This app is truly a gift.  You have to be a professional to understand the power of this app. Perfect for the smaller guy who needs to watch overheads. Perfect for the bigger guy to collect a initial scope.”

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Create estimates on your device

Estimates ready in minutes, not hours.

Save the time you spend on estimating by using real-time data that you can rely on. Result? Accurate estimates ready in a matter of minutes.

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Close more deals

Estimates that you
can be proud of.

Professional estimates with clear cost break down sent to the client directly from your device. And all of that, before you even leave the job site.


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  • Discreet Restoration

    Being able to create an estimate immediately following the production of a floor plan, all within the same app, makes magicplan a must-have for my company.

    Discreet Restoration Logo
    Josh Winton
    Owner, Discreet Restoration
  • Warren Restoration

    magicplan has everything we could ask for. It's intuitive, user friendly, fast, and mobile. We can conduct site inspections and provide an estimate before departing from the customer. The price list is customizable, the items are customizable, and your schedule becomes customizable with this software. Would rate 10/10. 5/5 on IMDb, best movie of 2021. All jokes aside, drop the zero; get with the hero - magicplan.

    Warren Restoration Logo
    Ian Elmer
    Project Manager, Warren Restoration

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