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Water Damage Restoration Drying Report

Utilize our comprehensive Water Damage Drying Report Template to accurately document the drying process and equipment used in restoration projects.

Water damage restoration Report pdf Template preview with sketch, photo of wall with mold, moisture logs, drying equipment dehumidifier and findings

What You Will Find

This PDF template is designed specifically for restoration professionals to document the drying process following water damage incidents. It includes all essential details, from equipment use to moisture readings, ensuring a thorough record that enhances project transparency and efficiency.
  • Visual Documentation of Damage
  • Property Overview
  • Equipment Log
  • Custom Form

Detailed Findings and Photographic Evidence

Include comprehensive photos showing water and mold damage on walls and other affected areas. These images are crucial for assessing the initial condition and monitoring progress throughout the drying process.

Site Details and Equipment Usage

This section provides general site details, sketches with dimensions, and a moisture map to give a complete view of the affected area. It also includes moisture readings that help in assessing the severity and scope of water damage.

Equipment and Drying Process Documentation

Record all drying equipment utilized, such as air movers and dehumidifiers, along with specifics like the number of air filtration devices (AFD/Scrubbers) used and their necessary CFM requirements per IICRC and OSHA standards. This documentation is essential for validating the drying process and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Custom Forms for Thorough Reporting

Use magicplan custom forms to systematically record details about containment measures and floor protection types used during the drying process. These forms help standardize reporting and ensure that all critical aspects of the drying setup are noted.

This Water Damage Drying Report Template is an invaluable tool for any restoration professional aiming to improve their documentation and project management practices. Download it now to start producing detailed, accurate reports that facilitate effective drying strategies and enhance communication with clients.


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