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The Essential Guide for Restorers to Properly Assess Water Damage Jobs

Mastering Water Damage Assessment

Learn how to effectively assess and document water damage with our comprehensive eBook. From identifying the source of the damage to implementing effective processes and reducing liability, our step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know to become an expert in water damage assessment.

Mastering Water Damage Assessment ebook cover with a wall with mold and drying equipment as a blue air mover

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  • 01 Water damage documentation
  • 02 Tools for documenting the job
  • 03 Creating a sketch of the job site
  • 04 Increases in job assignments
  • 05 Long-term effects of water damage
  • 06 Reducing liability

Developing a Professional Water Damage Report

As a restoration contractor, you may be called upon to create residential water damage reports. Thorough, accurate reports serve as written evidence, which is essential for verifying insurance claims and for determining any restoration work that is needed. 

So, in this chapter, we’ll walk through the process of developing a report.

Tools for Finding and Documenting Water Damage

Any time you are hired to inspect a home for water damage, you will want to be well-equipped for the task. In this chapter we'll cover some key tools to consider using after you arrive at the job site

Creating a Digital Floor Plan Sketch During Water Damage Assessment

Water damage can occur in homes due to multiple causes. Yet each situation requires the same initial response: a prompt and thorough water damage assessment.

A digital floor plan sketch is ideal for water-damage assessment for a variety of reasons. You can create it quickly, mark it up thoroughly, save it securely, share it easily, and use it to develop work plans and guide remediation and restoration.

Being Prepared to Handle Increases in Job Assignments

As a mitigation or restoration contractor, you may be summoned to respond to areas affected by natural disasters.

Any of these events can hit an area fast and hard, triggering an immediate, massive increase in the demand for your expertise. Here we'll show you different ways you can prepare to respond quickly and work efficiently.

Long-Term Effects of Water Damage: What to Look For

Residential water damage can be caused by any of a number of problems.

Take a look at the types of unfortunate consequences that can result from water damage, and why you should document those troublesome matters during a home assessment.

Reducing Liability

Whether you provide mitigation or full-service restoration, it is important to know how to manage risk. As a restorer, you should always take the necessary measures to reduce your liability before starting a new job. In this chapter, we will walk you through some steps you should consider to reduce any type of exposure.


Create accurate water damage reports

Learn how to accurately document your water damage jobs in minutes with instant floor plans, reports, and estimates on your mobile device.

water damage claim drying report pdf with documentation of the loss with walls with mold, sketch with moisture map, moisture readings, moisture logs and property details