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The Ultimate Guide to Succeed as a Claims Adjuster

Your ability to document property damages is critically essential for properly validating, assessing, and resolving homeowner insurance claims. This guide will not only help you refine your claim documentation process but also enhance your value and reputation as a skillful claims adjuster.

Claims pro guide cover with photo taking a picture of a catastrophe loss with a tree inside a house kitchen

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  • 01 Types of Property Claims
  • 02 Properly Documenting a Claim
  • 03 Optimizing Your Productivity
  • 04 Top-Performing Adjusters
  • 05 Landing Work

Types of Residential Property Claims

Being able to manage different categories of claims makes work more interesting and rewarding. It also can increase an adjuster’s earning potential by opening up more opportunities to get hired.

Properly Documenting a Claim

As a claims adjuster, you understand the importance of accurately documenting a claim to ensure that all necessary information is captured and that your report is accurate and complete. Here we will cover different methods for creating a claim report document and advanced inspection preparation and report development techniques.

Optimizing Your Productivity as an Independent Claims Adjuster

If you want to take on more claims or achieve a better work-life balance, you’ll need to focus on making productivity a priority. In this chapter, we’ve listed five practical ways you can make that happen.

Characteristics of Top-Performing Adjusters

Do you have what it takes to be a successful independent adjuster? In this chapter, you will learn the ideal behavioral characteristics and see how many match up with your own approach to working.

Landing Work as an Independent Adjuster

Starting a business as an independent adjuster offers several advantages – including work autonomy, professional growth, and high earning potential. But in order to be successful, you need to learn how to get regular work assignments. 

Create accurate claims reports

Learn how to properly document the findings of your claims in half the time with instant floor plans, pictures, and notes.  

Residential loss claim report pdf preview with property details, photos of the loss, property sketch and findings.