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The Ultimate Guide for Restoration Contractors to Speed Up Payments

Managing cash flow is a constant concern for any restoration contractor. This guide provides practical tips to accelerate the insurance payment process and improve your documentation strategies to ensure fast and accurate payments.

Restoration payday guide for restorers to get paid with phone taking photo of a bathroom with water damage and mold on the wall and drying equipment

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  • 01 Insurance Payment Process
  • 02 Documentation to Get Paid
  • 03 Documentation Processes
  • 04 Accelerating Payment

Understanding the Insurance Payment Process

Being able to manage different categories of claims makes work more interesting and rewarding. It also can increase an adjuster’s earning potential by opening up more opportunities to get hired.

Improving Cash Flow: Essential Documentation to Get Paid

As a claims adjuster, you understand the importance of accurately documenting a claim to ensure that all necessary information is captured and that your report is accurate and complete. Here we will cover different methods for creating a claim report document and advanced inspection preparation and report development techniques.

Improving Documentation Processes

If you want to take on more claims or achieve a better work-life balance, you’ll need to focus on making productivity a priority. In this chapter, we’ve listed five practical ways you can make that happen.

Accelerating Payments Through Transparency and Collaboration

Do you have what it takes to be a successful independent adjuster? In this chapter, you will learn the ideal behavioral characteristics and see how many match up with your own approach to working.


Get paid in full, faster

Learn how to create estimates with a clear cost breakdown so you can send them to your client or insurance company directly from your device. And all before you even leave the site.

Restoration and Mitigation Estimate Template Preview with cost breakdown of cleaning services, drying equipment used, and restoration