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Painting Job Estimate

Painting job estimate pdf preview with cost breakdown and floor plan with dimensions

What You Will Find

This painting job estimate template is a must-have for any contractor looking to provide detailed, accurate, and professional estimates. Download it today to streamline your painting project planning and enhance the satisfaction of your clients with clear and detailed proposals.
  • Floor Plan & Dimensions
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Tools & Materials
  • Labor Costs
  • Extensive Visual Evidence

Detailed Floor Plans and Room Dimensions

The template includes a 2D floor plan of the rooms set to be painted, complete with dimensions and an elevation view for wall details. These visual aids allow you to plan the painting job meticulously, ensuring that all areas are covered and that material estimates are accurate.

Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

Gain insights into how to break down the costs involved in a painting job. The template lists detailed steps and materials, including plastering walls, laying drop cloths, priming, and painting with specific products like Glidden Interior paint in white. It also covers the costs associated with special finishes such as varnishing doors and windows with Tried and True woodstain, as well as removing old wallpaper.

Tools and Additional Materials

The estimate includes a list of tools and additional materials needed for the job, such as paint mixers, wood cleaners, polish kits, and a wallpaper removal kit. Understanding the full range of materials needed can help you prepare comprehensive bids and ensure you have everything necessary for efficient project execution.

Transparent Labor Charges

The template outlines the hourly wage for painters, providing transparency and helping to set client expectations about the cost of labor. This information is vital for maintaining trust and ensuring there are no surprises when it comes time for payment.

Photographic Documentation in the Water Damage Report Template

The template allows for the inclusion of numerous photos detailing the condition of the office, walls, ceiling, and damaged items. It also documents the drying equipment used, serving as a robust water damage report template that covers all bases.


This water damage report template is an indispensable resource for professionals managing water damage in commercial properties. Download this template today to enhance your accuracy in assessments and improve the effectiveness of your water damage restoration projects.


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