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Xactimate® Integration

Send magicplan sketches directly to Xactimate® for faster claims submission.*

Send your magicplan sketches to Xactimate® in seconds.

magicplan allows restorers and claims professionals to export floor plan sketches and photos directly to Xactimate®.

Use magicplan to create instant floor plans

State-of-the-art measuring and sketching
Collect measurements using magicplan's state-of-the-art AR, and LiDAR supported workflow.

Easy-to-use mobile interface
magicplan's easy-to-use interface empowers everyone on the team to edit plans on their phones or tablets.



Use Xactimate® to handle property claims

Xactimate® is the industry's leading solution for property claims estimations.

  • Measure, scope, and document a loss
  • Use up-to-date and reliable local pricing research
  • Calculate depreciation, waste, time, and materials on every project
Export your sketches in seconds

Seamless data transfer to Xactimate®

Exporting a floor plan to Xactimate® only requires a tap of a button in the magicplan application.


magicplan sketch and logo on the left side being sent to Xactimate sketch with logo on the right side

Export sketches in 3 easy steps:

Step 1
Scan a room in magicplan using your mobile device
Step 2
Create a project in Xactimate® & request data from magicplan
Step 3
Export sketch from magicplan & confirm import in Xactimate®

Instant Sketches for Faster Claims Submission

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Scanning with a mobile device


*Subject to additional charge. Contact our sales team to learn more.


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