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CoreLogic Integration

Accelerate your claims submission process by seamlessly importing magicplan sketches into CoreLogic.
sending a magicplan sketch to CoreLogic Symbility Claim iPad

Streamline Your Estimating Process

Optimize your estimating process by seamlessly importing magicplan sketches into CoreLogic's Claims Connect and Mobile Claims platforms.
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Activate the CoreLogic integration in your workspace settings.

State-of-the-art measuring and sketching
Measure and sketch spaces using magicplan's state-of-the-art AR and LiDAR supported mobile workflow.  
Seamless export of FML files to CoreLogic

Easily export your sketches as FML files with the click of a button. These files are ready to be imported into CoreLogic Claims Connect or shared with other users for fast and accurate estimating.

Accurate and Efficient Estimations
Maximize efficiency, save valuable time, and elevate the precision of your estimations within CoreLogic to ensure prompt and complete payment.  

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