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Whether you're seeking a specialized certification or a quick course about a specific feature, our E-Courses will help guide you through magicplan.
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Your first project

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Scan a room

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Intro course

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In this course
we're going to look at how to set distances between objects and walls, as well as how to set diagonal measurements in your floor plans, to ensure that your plans are as accurate and precise as possible.

Roofing & ceilings

In this course
we show you that adding a roof to a project is just as easy as adding a new floor or room. You can also set the height of the ceilings for each room or floor. It is not currently possible to add sloped or vaulted ceilings. But, there are ways to indicate this on a floor plan.

Video Tutorials

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What is the difference between Workspace & Teams
partition wall vs. partial wall1
Rotate , Move, Assemble & Room Color
room creation1
AR scan - iOS1
AR scan - Android
Different ways to view your project1

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