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Commercial Mold Assessment Report Template for Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Mold Assessment Report Template with sections for property details, moisture maps, and damage documentation for water damage restoration.

Download Your Comprehensive Water Damage Report Template

Get your hands on a detailed PDF template designed for documenting mold assessments in commercial settings, such as offices impacted by water damage. This mold assessment report template includes everything needed to create accurate and thorough water damage reports and drying logs.
  • Property Details
  • Custom Form Template
  • Moisture Mapping
  • Detailed Drying Records
  • Extensive Visual Evidence

Commercial Water Restoration Use Case

Understand how to document property details specific to offices suffering from water damage. This report serves as a practical example of how to record and address water-related issues in commercial spaces.

Comprehensive Assessment Details

Discover the method for collecting ambient readings of temperature, relative humidity, and grains per pound using a magicplan custom form. This section outlines the step-by-step process of setting up and utilizing forms for effective data gathering.

Office Sketch and Moisture Mapping

Visualize the affected office area with a moisture map that highlights humid areas, moisture readings, and locations where drying logs were taken. This graphical representation helps in understanding the extent of water damage and planning remediation efforts.

Water Damage Drying Log Template

The report includes a moisture water damage drying log template that helps track the drying process systematically, ensuring all critical moisture areas are adequately addressed.

Photographic Documentation in the Water Damage Report Template

The template allows for the inclusion of numerous photos detailing the condition of the office, walls, ceiling, and damaged items. It also documents the drying equipment used, serving as a robust water damage report template that covers all bases.


This water damage report template is an indispensable resource for professionals managing water damage in commercial properties. Download this template today to enhance your accuracy in assessments and improve the effectiveness of your water damage restoration projects.


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