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“Our users map the equivalent of a small town every day,“ says Andreas Böhm, CEO of Sensopia, speaking of the thousands of floor plans made on a daily basis with the magicplan app.


Homeowners and contractors are doing that millions of square feet in mapping every day, but since it‘s quick and accurate, magicplan is also used by real estate agents, interior designers, home inspectors, and even firefighters who need to document a scene.


Ready to capture your space for some renovation or décor planning? magicplan uses augmented reality (AR) with your device´s camera to show you the plan as you create it.


First, choose an unobstructed, well-lit corner, then aim at the floor and pin the first corner. Next, work through the other corners, aiming right through any furniture or plants. Add doors and windows once you have the dimensions of each room. Repeat this quick process room by room, working your way clockwise through your home or office. You can drag´n´drop your rooms together when you´re done to assemble the full floor plan.


Once your basic floor plan is captured, tap Insert Object to add staircases, decks, furniture, electrical details, and whatever detail you want to capture and share. Virtually rearrange the furniture in your home by adding couches, chairs and more to your space and entering their actual dimensions. Then you can drag and drop that furniture to see if it fits in that attic room before you lug it up the stairs.


You can even add material costs for your renovation; tap a room and when it turns red, tap Edit to see the area of your floors, walls and ceilings. Switch to the Estimates tab to add jobs and materials to each room; the material costs are calculated automatically.


It will get you extremely close to reality, perfect for creating those floor plans and ordering materials. For installation-level accuracy, the app offers Bluetooth integration with select laser measurement tools.


When you are ready to document your dreams for your space, consider copying your actual floor plan and making changes to show your dream reno to your contractor or architect. Attach inspiration photos to turn your floor plan into more of a mood board.


Export your plan for other magicplan users to manipulate, or save it as an image, PDF, or web-based image viewable by web link.


Now you can show anyone the potential in your space – and help you build that dream into a reality.”


Well said, thank you!


The magicplan team

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