Why magicplan is one of the best real estate apps

A real estate agent has to deal with an almost neverending to-do-list. But luckily there are many apps that make the real estate agent‘s life so much easier. MileIQ wrote a blog article about real estate apps that make the cut.

Once again, magicplan is included in the best apps for real estate! This is what they wrote about magicplan: “Create a floor plan of a home in seconds with only your fingertips with the magicplan app (iOS, Android). The process of creating a bona fide blueprint is as simple as snapping a photo of each corner of a room on your smartphone and then tapping to create a plan that you can then digitally furnish, annotate and customize with your own pictures.

You can store the finished floor plan or export or publish it as a virtual tour for your clients. Need to help your client budget for the cost of small improvements or major renovations on a home? The app will even provide an estimate of the cost of materials in the measured space so there are no surprises come property closing time.”

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