The Stanley® Floor Plan Application

The Stanley® Floor Plan Application

Montréal/San Francisco

Sensopia announces a partnership with Stanley Tools and the launch of the Stanley® Floor Plan application.

Sensopia is the company behind MagicPlan, the leading indoor mapping technology on mobile devices. Stanley ® is a diversified global provider of hand and power tools.

Stanley® is the worldwide leading supplier of hand tools products. Stanley® is adding to its portfolio of laser measurers with the launch of the TLM99s product. “The TLM99s represents a fantastic opportunity for Stanley®, as the measuring market segment is our expertise”, says Spencer Maheau, Global Product Manager at Stanley®.

“The TLM99s is a great laser device to quickly and precisely measure anything. The TLM99s can easily measure distance, calculate square footage and volume. All these measurements need to be organized, and today users quickly draw a sketch on a piece of paper to document where the measurements belong. At Stanley® we wanted to provide an application to collect and organize all measurements. Lasers are no longer isolated devices, but rather can be connected via Bluetooth®. We had two choices; either create our own application or try to partner with the best available technology. That’s where we found Sensopia and their MagicPlan application. Leveraging Sensopia expertise to create the Stanley® Floor Plan application has allowed us to launched the best solution possible” concludes Spencer Maheu.

The Stanley® Floor Plan application allows anyone to quickly create a floor plan of any indoor space, providing the shape and dimensions, along with objects such as furniture, appliances, windows, and doors. In order to provide precision, the Stanley® Floor Plan application connects via Bluetooth® to the TLM99s; Data collected by the laser is automatically sent to Stanley® Floor Plan to update in real time all the measurements that necessitate accuracy. The resulting floor plan provides a great source of organized dimensions, easily stored, quickly shared, and the user is a few clicks away from creating a professional document. “The Stanley Laser Distance Measure and the Floor Plan App provide an accurate digital floor plan, allowing us to can replace the little piece of paper with our hand drawn floor plan that we somehow always lose” added Spencer Maheu at Stanley®.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a recognized brand. We see tremendous potential as Stanley® customers are prime users to leverage what our technology has to offer”, says Pierre Gaubil the CEO of Sensopia. “Combining forces offers the best of both worlds, as a floor plan room can be sketched quickly, and accuracy can be confirmed by using the laser”, Pierre Gaubil concludes.

Stanley Floor Plan application runs on iOS and will be available on Android soon. Stanley® Floor Plan is free to download, free to use on the device, and sharing across Stanley® Floor Plan users is also free of charge.

Stanley Floor Plan offers additional options at a cost:

-Individual floor plan purchase to export files in jpg, pdf, html, dxf and unlock additional functionalities is $2.99 per map.

-Stanley Floor Plan monthly subscription is $9.99 per user with unlimited usage and export.

-Stanley Floor Plan for business monthly subscription is $19.99 per user, and offers additional services such as master account management and web services to integrate Stanley Floor Plan into customer’s workflow.