Sensopia announces MagicPlan 3.5 introducing “Smart Objects”

Sensopia announces MagicPlan 3.5 introducing “Smart Objects”

Montréal/San Francisco

Sensopia announces MagicPlan 3.5 on iOS and Android, specifically adding “Smart Objects”, which incorporate metadata to make them an integral part of business processes. Android tablets with a gyroscope are now also supported, in addition to the previously supported Android phones.

For the past three years Sensopia has been creating MagicPlan to empower anyone to quickly and easily create a floor plan. “The current, tracked success is showing that MagicPlan is accomplishing that goal”, says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia.

“Creating a floor plan using the camera is a rewarding experience. However most of our users want to go a step further and use MagicPlan as a business tool to capture not only the shape and dimensions of the room, but also incorporate additional information about the floor plan for professional usage. This is where the addition of ‘Smart objects’ will provide tremendous value-ad”, adds Pierre Gaubil.

MagicPlan 3.5 helps capture additional elements at the site. This is especially helpful to anyone doing quotation, inspection or installation. Each object added to the floor plan (an electrical object, a piece of furniture or a structural element, to name a few) can be assigned a comment, a picture and specific attributes. These specific attributes can be customized, and may include the price, the sku number, or even a specific Q&A.

In addition, a new class of “Smart objects” will be introduced in MagicPlan 3.5: Annotations. An annotation can be placed on the floor plan and can include a photo and a comment. Either general or specific annotations can be used; such as “to do’s”, shapes (circle and rectangle), and more.

A revised pdf layout (including each of the objects) will create ready to use business documents.

Finally, Sensopia is opening up its Partner Program to enable the addition of specific partners’ “Smart objects” to better match our partners’ workflow process. From within MagicPlan, a user will be able to document and report specific business data. “With the same application and by customizing the data we make MagicPlan a personalized business app, that’s a revolution. MagicPlan can be a one-stop solution for our partners’ workflow, eliminating the need for external programs” says Pierre Gaubil.

One partner to integrate these custom smart objects and survey is Optus, one of Australia’s leading Telco’s. One of Optus division manages server rooms, and with MagicPlan, they are able to document each room, its racks and the status of each piece of equipment. Is the fan filter installed? Does it need to be replaced? MagicPlan’s “Smart objects” will be used to document the answers to these questions. “When we looked at MagicPlan, we saw tremendous potential. The ability to capture data on-site, whether it be room shape and size or individual items, was a great first step. However, we were missing the capacity to capture business data. Thanks to the Smart objects integration, we now can do everything in MagicPlan and we are a click away from a complete report. This will increase efficiency by saving time and reducing error,” says Ray Moran, its Manager of Network Records.

Another partner to integrate smart objects is Integral Security Systems from Canada. Integral focuses on positive access control through retail entrances. Now, with MagicPlan smart objects, they can incorporate their different gate systems’ specific attributes, giving people in the field the ability to communicate in real time. Both quotes for potential clients as well as installation documents can be delivered in no time. “We are a unique partner for MagicPlan, given the smart objects are as important than the floor plan itself. MagicPlan not only saves time and reduces errors, but it also gives us a cutting-edge appearance, as we can deliver quotes, both on-site and in minutes”, says Stephen Kucer its President.

MagicPlan is a completely free download. A user can generate a floor plan and export it into watermarked pdf and jpg files, suitable for non-commercial use or for product trial. Un-watermarked floor plans, additional (professional) objects, and DXF, HTML, and CSV files can be unlocked either on-demand for each plan, or via a subscription model. Custom partner smart objects can be implemented on demand.