Périclès, #1 Real Estate App in France, Touched by the MagicPlan Magic

Périclès, #1 Real Estate App in France, Touched by the MagicPlan Magic

Paris, France

Sensopia Inc and Poliris, announce a partnership agreement to integrate MagicPlan into Périclès, the number one real estate software solution in France. More than a simple technical integration roadmap, this partnership comes from two similar visions. It is a long term commitment to work together to change the real estate world.

The facts are fairly simple. Every real estate professional knows that a floor plan is essential and greatly contributes to the quality of a listing. It is a fundamental toolbox for real estate agents: 80% of buyers consider floor plans essential. However, today, only 5% of listings carry a floor plan, and floor plans are still complex and expensive to realize.

“Selling a real estate property without listing a floor plan is an aberration. Only a floor plan can reveal critical elements such as the room proportions and the room flow”, says Catherine Renner, CEO of Poliris. “MagicPlan is a revolutionary application. It solves a very well known challenge: how to quickly and easily create a floor plan. We really believe in the MagicPlan approach, that is why we wanted to develop a real partnership.”

Périclès is used by more than 5,000 real estate agencies in France. Périclès helps manage an agency, its clients, and automates the publication of listings to all major real estate web sites. 1,000,000 listings are pushed every day via Périclès. “We are thrilled to be given the chance so early to integrate MagicPlan into Périclès. This partnership is a clear sign that MagicPlan responds to a real market need. We would never have imagined that the leader of real estate software in France would be so quick, enthusiastic and determined to share our vision” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia.

From version 1.5 of Périclès and 1.4 of MagicPlan, which will be released in July and September 2011, both solutions will be tightly integrated. Each Périclès user will be able to subscribe to MagicPlan. This subscription will allow the sending of floor plans to Périclès, just by the click of a button. With one click, the user will improve his listing with a floor plan, just like you add a photo. The user will also receive a PDF file, included in the document management section of Périclès, which will constitute a real commercial brochure for the agency.

This partnership is also marketing driven. Diverse common operations are put in place, the major one being the Périclès “tour de France” of the agencies.