Partnership with Skarabee

Partnership with Skarabee

Montreal, Canada

Sensopia Inc. and Skarabee to enter into a partnership to add floor plan to Skarabee offerings to real estate agents and organized real estate groups in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Skarabee is a technology provider, servicing 3 european countries, providing specific solutions for the real estate business. Solutions cover a wide range of services going from CRM and web services to solutions to support large real estate organizations. “Floor plans have always been a must, however until MagicPlan, creating them was too complicated and expensive” says Stephan De Witte, Sales and Marketing Director. “We were looking for a service that is easily accessible for both small and larger real estate offices. As soon as we discovered MagicPlan we knew we had found the missing link”.

“Integration with MagicPlan is ideal, as users can send the floor plan to their Skarabee CRM and assign it to the right property, from within MagicPlan. It is our ideal “one click” solution.” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia.

Statistics clearly demonstrate that floor plans are essential when buying or renting a property. 80% of buyers think it is essential. Adding floor plan to a listing creates 53% more views and 30% more visit. Skarabee and its MagicPlan integration is part of the company strategy to provide a one stop solution for the real estate business.

Starting today the clients of Skarabee will be able to add a floor plan to their listings via a simple click in MagicPlan. Floor Plans are part of the Skarabee offering and are sold €3.