MagicPlan & Wincarrez, a Leading Software for Home Inspection now Integrated

MagicPlan & Wincarrez, a Leading Software for Home Inspection now Integrated

Paris, France

Sensopia Inc. and OBBC Development, a company leader in software for home inspection, announce today the integration of MagicPlan and Wincarrez.

Sensopia is the publisher of MagicPlan, an application that measures, draws and publishes floor plans automatically, just by taking pictures with an iPhone 4, an iPod or an iPad 2. With MagicPlan, doing floor plans is accessible to everyone. Two months and a half after launch, MagicPlan has more than 750 000 unique users.

OBBC Development is a clear leader in France, in home inspection software. It automates inspection for lead, asbestos, termites, gas, electricity and energy performance wich are legal requirements in France. With more than 3300 licenses sold, 14 years of experience, and millions of cases treated, OBBC Development made Wincarrez the reference for home inspection in France. Wincarrez offers more than 18 inspection types and is the most complete software on the market.

With an early understanding of the possible synergies between Wincarrez and MagicPlan, and following the request of several professionals, OBBC Development quickly integrated both products. MagicPlan users can export their floor plans, as XML files, directly into Wincarrez. “We now have a complete, integrated process” said Dominique Brassaert, President of DC Ingenierie, a company specialized in home inspection, and user of both solutions.

MagicPlan creates the floor plan and Wincarrez realizes the inspection document after importing the floor plan. The integration in Wincarrez will be available in version 12.0 and in Win-PLAN, another software from OBBC Development, in July 2011. The XML export is available in MagicPlan since version 1.2. MagicPlan is available on the Apple Store and is protected by multiple patents.