MagicPlan on the Android Platform

MagicPlan on the Android Platform

Montréal/San Francisco

Sensopia announces the Android platform availability of its award-winning floor plan application, MagicPlan.

With close to 5 million downloads, MagicPlan has been awarded “App of week” in 107 countries and listed in the best 50 applications of the AppStore in 3 countries, leading to numerous, significant partnerships including Home Depot, 20/20 Technologies, Floorplanner and Symbility.

While MagicPlan has been available on iOS since 2011, Sensopia has waited to expand into the Android space until deeming that both MagicPlan and Android had reached an appropriate level of maturity. “MagicPlan 3.0 has been the version we have been targeting for release on Android,” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia. “Developing MagicPlan on Android has presented a unique challenge, due to the fact that our software leverages all of the hardware in each device so specifically, unlike any other product on the market. While the openness of Android and its devices are assets for the platform, it has made our work to release a version with feature- and function-parity on Android very interesting. However, this has only made our success in this regard all the more satisfying.”

MagicPlan will release on Android with version 3.2, and remain in update synchronicity with its iOS sibling. Now, Android users will have the ability to create detailed floor plans by simply aiming their mobile device at the corners of their room, and tapping an on-screen button. Floor plans are created based upon this user input, and generated/visualized in real-time. Multiple rooms can then be assembled and objects/annotations added to flesh out a comprehensive plan, prior to export in a variety of different formats.

MagicPlan uses a mobile device’s gyroscope and camera to enable automatic capture of room shape and measurements. Android devices without a gyroscope will not be able to use the capture feature; the rest of the application will remain fully accessible including the drawing, aggregation, and export functionality.

MagicPlan’s users generate more than 20,000 floor plans each and every day on iOS. “We expect our numbers to increase dramatically with Android users”, says Pierre Gaubil. “Finally developing tools to release simultaneously on Android and iOS unlocks access to MagicPlan for a number of users who have been patiently awaiting this release. Now that this major step has been taken, we can devote more of our own, internal resources to improving the core application, adding features, and accelerating our roadmap.”

MagicPlan is a completely free download. A user can generate a floor plan and export it into watermarked pdf and jpg files, suitable for non-commercial use or for product trial. Un-watermarked floor plans, additional (professional) objects, and DXF, HTML, and CSV files can be unlocked either on-demand for each plan, or via a subscription model.

MagicPlan for Android v 3.2 will initially release on primary/flagship phones, with support for most additional devices and tablets arriving in a matter of weeks. MagicPlan will run on the most popular Android phones, including: the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4; Galaxy Note 1 and 2; the Sony Xperia line; the HTC One and LG Optimus G product lines; and many more.