MagicPlan CSI 3.0

MagicPlan CSI 3.0

Montreal / San Francisco

Sensopia announces MagicPlan CSI 3.0, a major release of its multiple-award winning iOS crime scene capture application.

“We wanted to deliver a revolutionary application, with an intuitive method of capturing and documenting a crime/fire scene floor plan,” says CEO of Sensopia Pierre Gaubil. “MagicPlan CSI 3.0, several years in the making, realizes this vision.”

MagicPlan CSI captures a crime/fire scene floor plan using the sensors included in a tablet or smart phone, and makes this process as easy as taking a picture. For the first time, you do not need to measure or draw to create a floor plan. This enables investigators to document crime/fire scenes faster than ever before, in the most mobile and efficient way possible, with less cost and training required. In just a few minutes, MagicPlan CSI can capture and render a scene, items of interest can be placed, full reports can be generated automatically and made available to investigators who need them.

The latest offering from Sensopia, MagicPlan CSI is a custom version of MagicPlan for the specific needs and requirements of the CSI and fire/arson investigation community. MagicPlan has received widespread attention, having been downloaded by close to 4 million unique users. MagicPlan has won numerous awards, including being the “App of the Week” in the app store in over 93 countries. It has also been adopted by a significant number of corporations including fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot.

CEO Pierre Gaubil continues, “Mobile technology is a disruptive force in so many aspects of our world, and MagicPlan CSI brings this disruption to crime/fire scene investigation. Our product has been extremely well received by CSI and fire investigators, since it is free to download and test, while continued use costs very little.”

Unlimited usage on a device costs $14.99, per month, or $165.00 per year and special programs are available for large agencies.
In addition, free weekly webinar training sessions for its users will soon be available.

More information can be found at and MagicPlan CSI is free to download from the app store.