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magicplan-AI: a journey into the wonderful world of Deep Learning

Pierre Pontevia is our magicplan Chief Research Officer. He and his team went on a journey: they wandered through the wonderful world of Deep Learning. We are more than proud they did so, as they came back with something really special: magicplan AI.

With magicplan AI we combine AR and AI probably for the first time in the history of floor plan creation. Here is part 1 of a wonderful three-part article, Pierre wrote about the team‘s journey into the wonderful world of Deep Learning.


A journey into the wonderful world of Deep Learning

Computer vision is undergoing a spectacular revolution thanks to AI advances, particularly in Deep Learning. Every day, a new article shows capabilities you could not imagine 5 years ago. Whether it comes from the GAFA teams or from the top labs’ spinoffs, it looks like AI for image understanding is making its way in the enterprise.

But what does this mean for a small company with more classical computer vision at the core of its product?
What does it take to do the big dive into Deep Learning?
How robust is this new approach to production requirements such as accuracy and speed on a smartphone app?

My name is Pierre Pontevia. I am a founder and Chief Research Officer for magicplan. Today I would like to share with you our journey toward implementing a Deep Learning based feature into our app.

In this article, we will not discuss the Singularity, nor beating any Go master or the latest breakthroughs in Generative Networks. We will instead share the practical steps necessary for a team of engineers to take a Deep Learning feature out of the “lab” and embed it in an app used by millions of smartphone owners.

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