MagicPlan 3.2 & MagicPlan for Android

MagicPlan 3.2 & MagicPlan for Android

Montreal / San Francisco

Sensopia announces their “3.2” release, a significant update which lays the foundation for multi-platform expansion, beginning with Android.

Though MagicPlan 3.2 is “merely” a point-release, it is actually an ambitious overhaul of key structural elements, enabling flexibility and functionality not previously possible.

MagicPlan 3.2 sees a strategic move, apart from evolving features, to improve core functions. This release massively improves stability and accuracy of the Augmented Reality system and the Capture feature, being the second version of MagicAR (the real-time image recognition technology developed by Sensopia).

Sensopia again demonstrates its continued commitment to respond to users’ needs by including the eagerly anticipated “stencil” system. Not only can rooms be better captured and documented, but objects and distinguishing features can be added as well. Hundreds of objects are available, with more to be automatically added on an almost daily basis; from doors and windows to cars, plumbing, and furniture, all categorized and organized for easy and quick access.

“Stencils” are the second layer of Sensopia’s monetization strategy. While previously a free user would enjoy the same functionality as a paid user, only paying to remove watermarks from an exported floor-plan, a number of interesting and/or industry-specific stencils and objects are now unlockable to paying customers. This allows the same free-usage functionality to continue for current users, while increasing the value proposition to those customers using MagicPlan for specific/commercial purposes. “The addition of objects in MagicPlan is perceived, by many of our clients, as the starting-point for providing an end to end solution. Having additional objects transforms a floor-plan capture app into an estimation solution, where the floor plan plays a big role”, says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia. “Now all kinds of business segments can leverage MagicPlan, including electricians, security installers and plumbers, to name a few.”

Furthering the theme of expansion, this release also marks the largest international push embarked upon by Sensopia: MagicPlan is now localized in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Portuguese.

Rounding out the feature improvements are an improved UI and various bug fixes.

Finally, MagicPlan 3.2 is the target version for deployment on Android, and this release’s back-end changes will enable multi-platform feature parity far into the future. Android development is in its final stages, and wide release is scheduled for August.