MagicPlan 2.3

MagicPlan 2.3

Montreal, Canada

Sensopia Inc. announced today the release of MagicPlan 2.3. This newest version introduces three major improvements: full iPhone 5 and iOS6 support, Chinese localization and complete layout customization

The most noticeable one, is the release of the customizable layout. Publishing professional documents right from MagicPlan is now possible. Users can choose the page layout and size, display the scale, dimensions, and rooms labels. Personalization goes a step further, with the ability to publish the floor plan along with customizable watermark and disclaimer as well as logo, picture and contact information. “We have designed the product so that our customers could create complete professional documents, without leaving MagicPlan.” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia.

The second innovation is a full support for the iPhone5. MagicPlan is now fully compatible with iOS6 and supports the 4″ screen.

Finally in recognition of the fantastic dynamic initiated in China, where MagicPlan was “App of Week”, and where the users keep growing by thousands, MagicPlan is now localized in simplified Chinese.

A last, each new iteration comes with additional features. 2.3 adds two of the most expected features, namely room fusion and floor plan duplication.