MagicPlan 1.4 and the MagicPlan Cloud 1.0

MagicPlan 1.4 and the MagicPlan Cloud 1.0

Montreal, Canada

Sensopia Inc. announced today the release of MagicPlan 1.4 and the MagicPlan Cloud 1.0.

MagicPlan is a unique application that changes the way people produce and use floor plans. Since launch, 6 months ago, it has experienced a worldwide success with over 900,000 unique downloads (although only available on the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2).

The new version combines a greatly improved ease of use, a transparent integration to Partners and new floor plan management services based on a cloud architecture.

Improving the ease of use is at the core of the MagicPlan technical roadmap. 1.4 is another step and provides real time user feed-back:
– During the room capture, augmented reality shows dimensions in real time;
– At the end of the capture MagicPlan pinpoints users errors and proposes automatic corrections;
– An automatic report capture can be sent to MagicPlan support.

The release of the MagicPlan Cloud 1.0 is also a fundamental change. “We wanted to provide our customers with a simple, secure way to manage their floor plans” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia. On the MagicPlan Cloud 1.0, users can remove watermarks, generate a web site with their interactive floor plan, export their floor plan in .DXF, .PDF or .JPEG formats and customize floor plans with their logo.

Finally, this new release is also a clear sign towards MagicPlan partners. “Since launch, Sensopia has been solicited by many potential partners including several F500 companies”, continues Pierre Gaubil. “We wanted to offer them a seamless, transparent integration into their workflow”. With MagicPlan 1.4. partners can manage the complete customer experience: users can create their MagicPlan account directly from within the partner’s environment, floor plans can be exported directly into partner’s servers, and business models supported are very flexible.

MagicPlan 1.4 also offers full Italian localization, additional furniture and an improved user interface.