Montréal/San Francisco

Sensopia announces the availability of MagicMeasure, a digital tape measure.

MagicMeasure turns your iPhone or iPad into a “Digital Tape Measure”. MagicMeasure is the second major application developed by Sensopia the publisher of the award winning MagicPlan.

With MagicMeasure anyone can simply measure distances, surfaces or volumes from a picture. Take a picture, then simply touch objects on the picture to see their dimensions appear! Measure distances/surfaces on walls and floors, or more complex 3D objects and calculate volumes.

“MagicMeasure started as a side project as our MagicPlan users wanted to annotate pictures with dimensions. As the project took shape, we realized we not only had a great additional functionality for MagicPlan, but we had created a stand-alone application that could become a digital tape measure” says Pierre Gaubil, Sensopia CEO.

MagicMeasure Benefits:
– Have a tape measure in your pocket at all time.
– Quickly measure complex shapes and calculate volumes
– Measure things that are difficult to reach
– Measuring happens on the picture, no need to be on site
– Measuring can be done by another MagicMeasure user via sharing

How does it work?
MagicMeasure is leveraging years of R&D that contributed to creating MagicPlan. A good calibration is key to improving precision. A 95% precision can be expected, 97% with posture calibration!

Measures are stored on your device. MagicMeasure users can export PDFs and JPGs with the annotated measures, and share annotated photos with other MagicMeasure users. Shared pictures can be leveraged to measure again.

MagicMeasure operates in 3 different modes.
– Indoors: Measure objects on the ground or on a wall while inside.
– Outdoors: Measure building frontage or objects on the ground while outside.
– Macro: Measurement of small objects on a table.

Features summary:
– Take photos and measure:
– Distances between 2 points (floor or wall)
– Surfaces (floor or wall)
– Volumes (3D objects)
– Duplicate photo to create new measurements
– Name picture and add comments
– Add text annotation
– Share results with other MagicMeasure users
– Export annotated pictures in PDF and JPG

– MagicMeasure is free to download and runs on all iOS platforms.
– 1 measure can be taken at no charge (so you can test if you like it or not).
– For additional usage, the application sells for $3.99.