Imagine 21 Touched by the MagicPlan Magic

Imagine 21 Touched by the MagicPlan Magic

Montreal, Canada

Sensopia Inc. announced today a new partnership with Moobz, a leader in 3D visualization software solution.

Moobz provides real estate agents with a modern solution to improve listing quality via 3D visualization. “Imagine 21”, Moobz product has become the product for Century 21 in France and is now part of the Century 21 toolbox.

MagicPlan is a unique application that changes the way people produce and use floor plans. Since launch, 6 months ago, MagicPlan has experienced a worldwide success and has created a true wave of enthusiasm.

“A floor plan is a real enabler and can serve multiple purposes: visualize a house, simulate furnishing, estimate a budget, etc. We do not have the expertise and time to develop solutions that would answer all the needs, but we can help. Our Partner program is geared towards companies that can leverage the floor plans generated with MagicPlan to improve their offer”, says Pierre Gaubil Sensopia CEO. “We are thrilled to count Moobz as one of our partners, they understood the complementary value very early on and are now ahead of the pack with a complete MagicPlan integration.”

“Our 3D solution has always been very well perceived, however the creation of the floor plan was a complex process for most users. When we discovered MagicPlan we clearly understood that it would become the enabler that we needed”, says Florian Mas, Moobz President. “What sealed the deal was that Sensopia offered a very transparent integration where we kept control of our customers”.

A century 21 agent can create a MagicPlan account from the Imagine 21 portal. In MagicPlan, after registering the account , a button “send to Imagine 21” is dynamically created. With this button, the agent can send his floor plan directly to Imagine 21. He can then leverage Imagine 21 to create a complete 3D model.