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iOS 9.0 and above; Android available for devices with a gyroscope or devices running ARCore. More than 16 million downloads worldwide.

Create floor plans within seconds

Floor plan creation with magicplan is simple, fast and cost-effective. magicplan is the state of the art floor plan creation app.

It just takes you three steps to get your floor plan

Floor plan creation as easy as 1 2 3.

Floor plan creation


Just take pictures of each corner of a room. magicplan will compute its size and shape.

Assemble & adjustment


Assemble the rooms like a puzzle to create a complete floor plan. The plans can be adjusted as you like.

Decorate the rooms 


Furnish the rooms digitally to create an even more vivid floor plan.

Adjust and assemble plans with a fingertip

Once floor plans are created you can adjust and assemble them as you need to.

Use your fingertips to change measurements, wall thickness, room assembling, corners and much more.

Furnish rooms without carrying furniture

Furnish floor plans completely digital and without any effort. Drag and drop over 1000 objects magicplan offers or create your own objects.

Edit your walls with precision

Use the wall editor to place windows and other objects on walls. The horizontal view of walls allows you precise editing.

Add notes with ease

Add documentation and photos to the plan to add more contextual information.

Add 360 pictures

Connect a 360 camera to magicplan and take 360 pictures of each room. 360 pictures allow you and your customers to take virtual tours.

Finetune dimensions by connecting a laser meter


magicplan captures with an accuracy of 95%. If you need the full 100%, connect to a laser and create the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for floor plans.

Impressive: Show your floor plan in 3D

You don’t need a 3D designer in your team to show floor plans in 3D. magicplan automatically shows all floor plans in 3D.

Configure your export

Configure the export of your plan and get them in your favorite data format JPEG, PDF, PNG, or SVG. You also can export in DFX or xml or publish your plans on an interactive website.


Exports can be customized with your logo, contact info, etc.


Download sample files here.

magicplan has been downloaded more than 16 million times.
magicplan was ranked #1 in Utilities in 114 countries.
Best of App Store 2012 and 2017.

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download on the app store
android app on google play

iOS 9.0 and above

Android available for devices with gyroscope or devices running ARCore