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iOS 9.0 and above; Android available for devices with a gyroscope and devices running​ ARCore. More than 16 million downloads worldwide.

Create Quotes and Estimate Materials Onsite

On site, fast and precise: Via your created plans magicplan computes the required amount of materials and upcoming costs.

Estimate materials and costs on site

magicplan computes the costs and materials of your projects. Based on your plan‘s data (surrounding, surface, etc.) the app gives you precise numbers in an instant.

Import your own price list

After you have imported your price list you and your customers can calculate with your company‘s prices.

Just download an excel sheet on the Cloud and upload it with your prices.

Modules make estimations more efficient

magicplan combines all the steps of common tasks, like flooring, in modules.  Therefore, you don’t have to estimate every single step of a task. You also can customize existing modules or simply create new ones.

Order materials in an instant

With magicplan it takes you three steps and you can order all the required materials on site. Ordering materials has never been that easy.

1. Create floor plan


Use magicplan to create a dimensioned floor plan within minutes.

2. Estimate materials and costs 


Via the plan‘s dimension, magicplan estimates costs and the required materials.

3. Order materials with one click


It just takes one click to order materials from your preferred suppliers.

Create quotes

Export your estimation and magicplan provides you with a material list with all the cost incurred. And your list is structured: All materials are attached to the room they will be built in.


Download a sample estimate here.

magicplan has been downloaded more than 16 million times.
magicplan was ranked #1 in Utilities in 114 countries.
Best of App Store 2012 and 2017.

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download on the app store
android app on google play

iOS 9.0 and above

Android available for devices with gyroscope and devices running ARCore