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Easy to use and blazing fast

Create professional, accurate plans on the fly. Measure in AR or connect a laser distance meter and get rid of pen and paper!

“We tremendously improved the accuracy of our measurements which allowed us to optimize the quotes we provide to our customers.”


Dorian Violleau
Head of Application Integration of Coren Renovation

Maximum efficiency for your business

Add pictures, notes, and markups to plans and generate structured reports to improve the quality of your documentation. Connect the office and the field to get everyone on the same page.

“With the addition of magicplan we have the capability to complete full floor plans for our inspection product. magicplan has been a pleasure to work with.”


Brett Karol

Vice President of GroundWorks Inspection 

Faster turnaround, more revenue

Get estimates and quotes done fast. Forget long office hours and weekends spent behind the desk. Our estimating solution is as easy as drag & drop. 

“By using magicplan, we‘re on track to getting projects approved within 45 minutes. Before, it took us up to three weeks.”


Christoph Oberhoff
Project Manager of B&O Group


More than 18 million downloads. Used by professionals all around the world.

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Out of the box 3 years ago I used it with my first project using my new iPad Pro and I was done measuring out a small warehouse in SF and it paid for it’s self. The although the assets library needs a few more items for commercial office.
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With MagicPlan, I can quickly generate highly accurate floorplan maps of every part of the home, both inside and out using it’s state-of-the-art augmented reality measuring system. The wealth of file export options means I can easily bring the floorplan diagrams into my laptop Wi-Fi testing system. Now I can show my clients the ‘geeky’ signal-strength heat maps overlaid on a diagram of their actual home.
E Nieves
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Easy to use. Makes you look like a professional even if you don't have previous experience.
Sanel Babic
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Amazing tool... does 99% of all planing needs for layout and electrical (what I used it for). A bit touchy working on mobile phone (screen size), moving objects may move walls, locking measurements prevents most of the accidental moves.
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This app is incredible... I can find out the square footage of a room without having to measure every point with a tape measure! gives me professional looking floor plans with ease. Tons of other features that are cool that I’m too lazy to talk about. Well done
Ton Mickelson
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I rehab properties. I use it to draw the plan for the city instead of paying architect to do for $500. Easy to use. It crashes now and then. But overall it is very useful and economical.
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This app is truly a gift. I will do away with my $2500.00 a month Exactimate! Takes a little practice.... using a compatible bosh laser tape takes care of most of the user issues. I think you have to be a professional to truly understand the power of this app. Perfect for the smaller guy... who needs to really watch overheads. Perfect for the bigger guy to collect a initial scope. Thank you!!!
Chief Firewater
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Magic Plan has saved us lots of money by helping to simplify the process of creating and transmitting sketches to our office. It is very intuitive, so it is relatively easy to learn. I highly recommend Magic Plan to anyone who needs to create floor plan sketches on a regular basis.
Sean McKeown
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High quality, easy to use app. Very fair and transparent pricing! This is a great, useful, high quality, honest app.
Arrogant monk
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As a home inspector I always wanted to optimize my work and do away with post-survey CAD drafting. But all apps I’ve tried were not though through and filled with bugs. This app finally delivered what I needed!!! Developers are either very smart or pay a lot of attention to customers feedback. Thank you guys!!
Bev Meister
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I have trialled and used a lot of these apps. From a technical and user perspective, this app is outstanding. For a basic floor plan, it is extremely easy to use. For a more complicated project, it provides a huge amount of flexibility and customisation that is easy to access and use. You don’t have to be an AutoCad expert. I also just love using it as it’s fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription plan is best for me?

  • Standard – For professionals that need to measure and sketch professional plans
  • Business – For professionals that need to measure and sketch professional floor plans, create estimates & collaborate in teams
  • Enterprise – Best for larger organizations with individual needs and distributed teams across projects or locations


How does the free trial work?

You can try all „Standard“ and „Business“ features for 14 days. You’ll receive a reminder email from us before your trial phase ends. If you decide not to cancel your trial, your subscription will automatically convert to a paid subscription and give you continued access to all features.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, if you are on a monthly plan, you can cancel until the end of your billing cycle.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, payment by PayPal as well as in-app purchases via Google Play and the App Store. You can choose between a monthly or annual payment.


Can you set up invoicing payment for my company?

Invoicing is available for organizations on our Annual Enterprise plan with more than five licenses.

What is a user?

A user is defined as a unique email address within magicplan. Each user has a limited number of mobile devices synced to their account, depending on the subscription plan.


How many devices can I use in magicplan?

Users in the „Standard“ subscription are limited to two devices per user. Users in the „Business“ and „Enterprise“ plans can add devices to their accounts at an additional charge. These devices can be used by the user or assigned to other users on the invitation of the account admin to collaborate in teams.


Is there a limit to the number of users I can have under my organization?

No, the „Business” and „Enterprise“ plans allow you to have an unlimited number of users. The license cost is charged per device.


Can I use magicplan in offline mode?

Yes, you can easily use magicplan in offline mode. Any changes to your project will be stored locally. Once you have internet access again, your changes are synchronized to the magicplan Cloud.


How do I train my team to use magicplan?

We offer free online training sessions at least once a week and have an extensive knowledge base that will get your team going fast! For customers on the “Enterprise” subscription plan, we offer custom online and on-site training sessions tailored to your needs.

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