Create quotes with your mobile device.

magicplan lets you create precise quotes on-site. Integrate your company price list and generate accurate quotes with the construction estimator. Start creating transparent quotes now!


Import your price list.

Creating tailored material and cost estimates for your company is as easy as uploading your price list. Just import an excel sheet – and your price list is included in magicplan. 


Generate quotes on-site.

magicplan estimates materials and costs based on floor plan data. Export your estimate and instantly generate a quote that includes a transparent overview of the required tasks, including prices and quantity. And all of this can be done on-site.

Order materials within the app.

You have created a quote on site. Directly forward quotes via email to your company and initiate material orders in seconds. Or use a customized order button to place an order from your preferred supplier  – without ever having to leave the app.


Start creating quotes with magicplan today!

Use quotes for:

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