Photo Markup

Intuitive on-site photo documentation.

A picture paints a thousand words. Use photo markup for construction projects and property inspections on-site. magicplan lets you annotate photos on every floor plan level with ease.


Add photos to your floor plan.

With magicplan you can add a photo to a specific part of your floor plan (room, wall, floor, object, etc.). When you open a plan or report, documented images are displayed at the exact location of the highlight or damage.


Add 360° photos.

Connect a 360° camera or upload a 360° photo and magicplan will automatically generate a virtual tour.

Compatible 360 cameras:

Tag photos with comments, names, or questionnaires.

Accompany your photos with notes, names, or questionnaires. The more information you add, the more information you can share.


Start documenting with magicplan today!

Use photo markup for:

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