Field Notes

Add notes to your floor plans.

Highlight features, document damages, or remind yourself of important observations. Add field notes directly to your floor plan with ease. Notes are useful for your team – and your clients.

Place notes on your floor plans.

Whatever you’ve noticed, magicplan lets you place notes on every floor plan. Simply mark the note icon and add your thoughts. Anywhere, anytime.


Add notes to properties, floors, rooms and objects.

magicplan lets you add notes to any part of your floor plan. By adding information to a specific object or room, magicplan is able to display your notes in the contextual environment of a floor plan.

View notes in your reports.

Every note you add is displayed on your reports. The notes are structured according to your floor plan. For example, if you have placed a note on your living room, you can find it under the living room floor plan.


Start making field notes with magicplan today!

Use field notes for:

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