Serving crime scene investigators and fire fighters with the latest Crime Scene Sketch Software

Create Digital Sketches of Crime Scenes Directly on your Mobile Device

  • Accurately sketch the scene with your mobile device.
  • Add evidence objects, and photos with a tap.
  • Generate and manage structured reports with ease.

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On-scene crime and damage documentation

Floor Plan Creation · Evidence Objects, Notes & Photos · Reports


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Create a floor plan in 30 seconds.

Create floor plans by scanning a room in 30 seconds. Assemble complete rooms in minutes. Draw plans with your fingertip – or import existing floor plans with ease.

Floor plans are the basis for a crime scene sketch. Use magicplan to create your floor plans in seconds. 

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Add evidence objects, notes, and photos with a single tap.

magicplan CSI provides you with a hundreds of evidence objects. Add an objects to a floor plan with your fingertips and place it on the correct position. Of course, you can customize objects as well. To markup highlights you can attach photos and notes.


All the information you need combined on a floor plan: add objects, notes, and photos to map crime scenes.

Generate and manage reports with ease.

Floor plans, evidence objects, and photos & notes: export your plans – ready to share with your team instantly. Manage all crime scene sketches from your team members on the magicplan Cloud.

Generate clear and structured reports. Export in your favorite data file format.


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