API & Integration

Integrate magicplan into your existing software solution – and connect hardware including lasers and 3D cameras.

magicplan integrates into your existing workflow, providing you our API. But that’s not all – magicplan has your hardware covered too. Connect laser distance meters and 3D cameras with ease. 

Get started with our API documentation.

We provide a comprehensive API documentation to help you integreate with magicplan. Our goal is to get you started as quickly as possible. Jump right in!


Connect a laser distance meter.

magicplan already creates floor plans with an accuracy of 95%. If that’s not enough, simply connect a laser and create the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for professionals. Get the full 100%, 

Connect a 3D camera for 360 panoramas.

Connect your 360 camera via Wifi and take 360 pictures of each room. Current compatible 360 cameras are:

Learn more about how to make magicplan work for your workflow.

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