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Property inspections with magicplan.

  • Create floor plans on-site from your mobile device.
  • Increase efficiency with custom questionnaires.
  • Export standardized reports with a single tap.

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Property inspections done properly.

Floor Plan Creation · Custom Questionnaires · Standardized Report Export


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Create a floor plan in 30 seconds.

Create floor plans by scanning a room in 30 seconds. Assemble complete rooms in minutes. Draw plans with your fingertip – or import existing floor plans with ease.

Floor plans are the basis for project planning and inspections. Use magicplan to  create your floor plans in seconds. 

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Increase the efficiency of inspections with custom questionnaires.

For site inspections, magicplan lets you add custom questionnaires to a floor plan. Create Yes/No-, text-, and number-queries quickly and easily. Add questionnaires, photos, notes, and markups anywhere, anytime.

Increase the efficiency of your inspections with an intuitive capturing and markup process from magicplan.

Export standardized reports with a tap.

magicplan lets you export standardized and structured reports with a single tap. Each export collates  all of the information captured, including questionnaires and displays it in the context of the floor plan. Every measurement from each room, floor, and property are displayed in every report.

Export standardized reports to your preferred format with a single tap. Available data formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, CSV, DXF, GAEB, XML, or XLSX.

Employee of the year: magicplan.

More than 18 Million Downloads. Used by companies across the globe.

magicplan: a groundbreaking improvement for GroundWorks™
"With the addition of magicplan to our current mobile technology we have the capability to complete full floor plans for our inspection product compared to our current footprint sketches. magicplan has been a pleasure to work with."
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