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No more floor plan flaws!
Scan a room in 3D. And create floor plans in 30 seconds.

Scan a room in 3D with your tablet or smartphone. And magicplan creates a digital plan in no time. It displays all dimensions. You can add furniture, outlets, and much more!


Floor plans are the basis for almost every renovation project. magicplan lets you create floor plans in seconds. 

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Stop guessing.
Estimate materials & costs with magicplan!

Upload your price lists and calculate based on an accurate floor plan. Build client trust by generating quotes on-site.


Win the job on your first client visit with transparent quotes through magicplan.

No more markup mistakes.
Markup highlights & damages with magicplan!

Never miss a detail again. Simply add photos, notes, or working instructions to magicplan. Every markup is clear, clean, and can be exported in your favorite data format.


Be clear – and markup highlights and damages digitally. 


No more messed up measurements.
Connect a Bluetooth laser distance meter!

Connect a Bluetooth laser distance meter to magicplan – and watch the automated sync of measurements. All dimensions are implemented magically.


Connect a laser via Bluetooth and enjoy 100% of precision.

"By using magicplan, we‘re on track to getting projects approved within 45 minutes. Before, it took us up to three weeks."
Christoph Oberhoff
B&O Group

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