Floor Plan Creator

Create floor plans with your mobile device.

On-site and in minutes: magicplan lets you create accurate floor plans simply with your tablet or smartphone. And magicplan works. Every day users from all professions map the equivalent of a small city with magicplan.

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Create floor plans by scanning rooms.

Create floor plans just by scanning rooms with your tablet or smartphone camera. Scanning a room takes just 30 seconds. Simple as that.


Draw floor plans.

Draw floor plans with your fingertip. Start with a square room or draw rooms freely. Enter the actual dimensions of a room manually or by connecting a Bluetooth laser distance meter.

Import floor plans.

Want to start working with your existing floor plans? Simply upload a floor plan to magicplan and draw over it. Your floor plan is digitalized, ready for further working.


Assemble floor plans.

Once all the rooms in your floor plan are created, assemble the rooms like a puzzle and add symbols from our symbol library. Complete floor plans can be built in minutes.

More floor plan features:

Add photos and 360 panoramas
Add notes and markups
Measure with AR
Estimate materials and costs
Generate 3D models with a tap
Create and add questionnaires

Export plans.

Export floor plans in your favorite data file format. magicplan can export to PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, CSV, DXF, DOC or XLS files.


Start creating floor plans with magicplan today!

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