Estimate & Generate Quotes

Estimate material cost based on digital floor plans.

magicplan automatically computes material quantity (tiles, flooring, paint, etc.) and resultant costs based on floor plan data such as surface or surrounding. Estimate the material cost for your next home renovation or commercial construction project on-site.


Estimate based on floor plan data.

All estimation of materials and cost is based on the dimensions of your created floor plans. Stop guessing, and start estimating your material cost with magicplan.


Efficient estimation through modules and combined tasks.

Some tasks require several repetitive working steps. Combine your tasks into modules and estimate combined tasks as one. magicplan modules make estimation more efficient.

Estimates made easy for all trades.

Once you have imported your customized price list and defined all tasks, you just need one man in the field to provide estimates for any trade. Be it plumbing or painting – it’s light work, planning your tasks with magicplan.


Export your estimates with a single tap.

Once you have estimated your costs, you can export the estimate to PDF. All materials and cost are listed transparently.

Import your custom price list.

Import your own company‘s price list and start estimating with your prices, materials, and tasks. Price lists can be uploaded and managed from the magicplan Cloud. Custom price lists turn magicplan in your custom planning tool.


Start estimating with magicplan today!

Use estimates for:

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