After WWDC, magicplan is more than just a little bit excited.

Montreal / Munich The 3rd of June was a normal, regular day for the magicplan team. It was, until Apple started its annual developer conference, WWDC, in San Jose, California. When Apple rolled out iOS 12 and AR Kit 2.0, it became a great day as AR technology seems to reach a new level and full world understanding is finally happening!

AR was alright
Over the last couple of years, our floor plan creation app magicplan used AR technology to measure the dimensions of rooms. Over 15 million downloads and users, mapping the equivalent of a small town every day, proof that we did something right.

Worldwide world understanding
As shown at the WWDC, ARKit 2.0 and for example the possibility to measure 3D objects with a digital measuring tape are opening a new era of Augmented Reality and world understanding. AR experiences will become more common and better, as Apple presents the possibilities of AR to all the company‘s users with Apple‘s own apps and gadgets. The idea of understanding the world, while transforming it into data in real time, will become widespread and a real game changer in our society.

magicplan and the steam machine effects of AR
We at magicplan are looking forward to all the possibilities coming along with iOS 12 as we strongly believe that AR is more than just a toy. It is a revolution! AR will have the same impact on our world as the first steam engine. magicplan is the first app that uses AR as the engine to make the world a better place – at least for construction companies and DIYers. magicplan turns the captured data of rooms into a floor plan in an instant and therefore is a huge help for architects, realtors, inspectors, etc.

Looking forward to the future
But we don´t stop there. Based on the plan‘s data (surface, surrounding, etc.) magicplan computes the amount of needed materials for any renovation or construction project or shows the floor plan in 3D. But that‘s just the beginning. Our understanding of the world will grow from day to day. We are looking forward to working with ARKit 2.0 and developing great new features that will fascinate and help our users.

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