magicplan Update March 2019

magicplan 7.6 (iOS) & magicplan 7.4 (Android)

Montréal / Munich, 14.03.2019 –  We have just released a magicplan update, for iOS and Android. We focused on improving the “Capture rooms with your camera” interface as well as the Wall Editor and added the annotation option for land surveys.

If you don't have auto updating activated, you can download the latest magicplan version here:

New interface for capturing rooms with your mobile device

Capturing rooms with the camera of your mobile device has become even faster and easier. The new interface is clean and comprehensive.


How to capture a room with the camera of your mobile device:

  • Go to the home screen
  • Tap on “New Plan“
  • Tap on “New Room“
  • Tap on “Capture“ and select the floor and room type you want to create
  • Calibrate your device by aiming at your feet and follow the on-screen instructions

Learn more about creating floor plans.

Improved Elevation feature

magicplan’s Elevation feature lets you edit walls and objects in horizontal view. With the new update you can now enter the distance between a wall and an object. Positioning objects with high precision is easier than ever.


How Elevation view works:

  • Select the wall of a room.
  • Tap on the “Elevation” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on “Insert Objects” and select a furniture object like windows.
  • Drag the furniture object in its position.
  • To adjust dimensions of the object, drag the object with two fingers. Or tap on the dimensions and adjust manually or by connecting a laser.

Learn more about Elevation view.

Annotations now also​ available for land surveys

The land survey feature is a great way to map the area around a building. With our latest update, you can now add annotations and 360 panoramas just like you would do in a floor plan.


How to create a land survey

  • Go to floor level and tap on “New room”.
  • Select “New Land Survey”.
  • You can now insert objects like terrain layout, building layout or streets.
  • Once you’ve created the layout, add annotations for more context.

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