magicplan Update April 2019

magicplan 8.0 (iOS) and magicplan 7.6 (Android)

Montréal / Munich, 11.04.2019 –  We have just released a major iOS update: magicplan 8 (iOS only). magicplan 8 lets you scan rooms in 3D and automatically recognizes, locates, and sizes windows and doors.

Furthermore, for iOS and Android, we have redesigned and improved the floor plan editor. And last but not least, we have improved the magicplan Cloud. 

If you don't have auto updating activated, you can update magicplan here:

Scan rooms in 3D – and let magicplan automatically recognize, locate, and size windows and doors (iOS only).

A major update for iOS: scan rooms in 3D. For the first time, you can map a floor‘s size and shape as well as the ceiling height. While you scan, magicplan 8 automatically recognizes, locates, and sizes windows and doors by utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

Learn more about magicplan 8.

How to scan a room in 3D:

  • Go to the home screen
  • Tap on “New Plan“, then tap on “New Room“
  • Tap on “Scan with camera“ and select the floor and room type you want to create
  • Calibrate your device by aiming at your feet and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Aim at the corners of a room and set the size and form of a floor by by tapping “Add corner“. Finish by aiming at the first corner again or by tapping  “Done“
  • Tilt your device towards the ceiling and set the ceiling height by tapping  “Set height“. You have a full room in 3D

How to utilize the automated capture of windows and doors:

  • Add windows and doors by aiming at an opening. Then tap DETECT.
  • The app automatically recognizes, locates, and sizes windows and doors for you
  • After a window or door was detected, you can manually choose the door or window type by scrolling through the carousel.
  • Note: If magicplan is not able to detect a window or a door, you can manually set a frame and assign an object type.

Here it is: the redesigned and improved floor plan editor (iOS and Android).

We have completely redesigned the magicplan floor plan editor. It’s more intuitive, cleaner, and lets you adjust and build up complete floor plans in no time.

Here is an overview of what we’ve changed.


The magicplan Cloud has improved.

We have improved some of the magicplan Cloud features: interactive floor plan, image gallery, and 360 virtual tour viewer. In addition you can now edit your billing information in the profile settings. 

Login to the magicplan Cloud here.


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