magicplan, the home digitizer, now available on iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4

Montreal, Canada – Sensopia Inc. announced today the release of “MagicPlan” a unique application that will change the way people produce and use floor plans.

MagicPlan is the first and only application that can automatically measure, draw and publish an interactive floor plan, just by taking pictures.


Producing floor plans has always been challenging and expensive:

• Measuring is a manual painful task;
• Drawing from measurements requires expertise and sophisticated software;
• Publishing is not accessible to everyone.

However a floor plan is essential to describe a house. It gives details that photos cannot convey such as proportions or flow. Today 80% of real estate buyers think floor plans are key when looking at a property. A floor plan could be the deciding factor that prompts a prospective customer to contact an agent: agencies using floor plans receive up to 30% more click-through on properties that are marketed with floor plans (source RightMove).

“MagicPlan” is an application break through, as it can, without any expertise, measure, draw and publish at the same time a floorplan. Users get immediate results while walking through the house:
• No manual measuring
• No need to move furniture
• No need for assistance
• No drawing expertise
• No web programming


“MagicPlan” is a revolutionary application and is based on multiple patent-pending technologies that make use of the latest smart phones technology.


“MagicPlan” is available on the Apple Store as a free application and runs on the iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch 4.

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