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BETA: Corner & Edge Detection

magicplan has been spearheading innovative technologies on mobile applications since 2011. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality offer enormous potential for time and cost-saving if implemented correctly.

With magicplan version 8.0, we successfully integrated the automatic detection, sizing, and placing of windows & doors. We are now working on including the second AI-based feature: Corner and Edge Detection.

Become a beta tester!

Please follow these steps to activate Automatic Corner & Edge Detection:

  • Make sure you are using an iOS device, capable of running the AR “Scan Room”
  • Make sure you have the latest version of magicplan installed (download here)
  • Make sure you have deactivated “Use Sensor Capture” in the preferences menu
  • Tap on the button below using your iPhone or iPad (The button will not work on a desktop computer)
Note: Use the magicplan preferences menu, if you would like to deactivate the beta feature.

Why do a beta release?

We currently have a working prototype that automatically detects corners and edges of a room. To get the feature production-ready, we need to train the machine learning model further. That’s where you come in. The more people use the feature, the better it will get!

What's in it for you?

The new corner & edge detection will help you to select the corners of a room. We can even tell you where a corner is if it’s completely obstructed! You’ll be among the first to try it and take an active part in helping us to develop future features.

Will any data be collected?

Yes. When using the beta feature, we will be collecting technical files to train our machine learning models. These files will solely be used to improve magicplan. No personal data will be collected. You can deactivate the beta in the preferences menu at any time.

About us

magicplan is an international construction management software company based in Montreal, Canada. The team behind the app works hard every day to make the job of construction professionals easier.  Our app has been downloaded more than 18 million times and has active users all around the world.


We are mostly known for our powerful and easy to use floor plans, but our professional users can also use other features, such as 3D visualization, on-site documentation or cost and material estimation.

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You can only activate the beta feature with a mobile device. Please load this website on your mobile and follow the instructions below.