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With magicplan 8, the mapping of three-dimensional spaces is placed into the hands of every iOS user worldwide. Scan rooms in 3D to have your home in your pocket. Plan and realize your next project with magicplan 8.

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magicplan 8 lets you scan your full room with your iPhone or iPad. Set the floor‘s shape and size as well as the ceiling height. By utilizing AI image recognition, windows and doors are automatically recognized, located and sized in a room during the scan process.

With its new room scan, magicplan makes floor plan creation even faster, easier, and more accurate.

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One goal from the beginning. And 8 years in the making.

On April 11th, 2011 magicplan 1.0 was released. For the first time ever, users were able to automatically measure, draw and publish an interactive floor plan, just by taking pictures via an app.

With the magicplan app, the development team pursued one goal right from the beginning: facilitate and automate the planning and realization of projects around the house (renovation, furnishing, etc.) by capturing data from existing built space. Since the shipping of magicplan 1.0 in 2011, mobile devices could be utilized for the creation of digital, two-dimensional floor plans and data capturing with Augmented Reality.

Exactly eight years later, magicplan 8 combines the power of Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence to finally enable users to scan rooms in 3D. 3D room scanning and the automatic capture of windows & doors is only the beginning. magicplan’s aim is to enable the capture and display of entire rooms, including equipment and furniture, in three dimensions. All of the data in a room will be recorded, recognized and systematized utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence. In the future, billions of users will use mobiles to map interiors. 

The possibilities of using this data for planning and realizing projects – renovation, interior design or smart homes – are limitless.


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