MagicPlan 5.0

Montréal / San Francisco

Sensopia announces the availability of MagicPlan 5.0, a major update of the award winner application.

MagicPlan is the leading application for surveying and transforming indoor spaces with more than 8.5 million downloads.

MagicPlan 5.0 introduces the ability to estimate cost and create quotes.

With MagicPlan creating a comprehensive floor plan of an indoor space can be accomplished in minutes. The floor plan contains a rich set of data, including all measurements, shapes and objects. This set of data is the foundation for the new estimator.

“Our users are mostly professionals in the field of renovation and remodeling. We wanted to automate the quotation process. Creating a quote in minutes instead of days can be the difference between a signed project and a lost client”, says Pierre Gaubil CEO of Sensopia.

The estimator is adaptable to almost any business model and enables the quotation of flooring (carpet, tile, hardwood floor), painting, electrical installation, furniture or pest control to name a few. The user can easily create a custom catalogue including his products, tasks, discounts or taxes to estimate the cost. Each item can have a custom pricing model (per item, meter/feet, square meter/feet, hour, carpet roll, liter/gallon, tile/sheet, box, percentage or a flat fee). MagicPlan 5.0 estimator makes complex quotations such as carpet installation as simple as dropping a carpet onto the plan. The carpet roll cut is optimized, and can be manually adjusted to minimize the waste.

“We think that the estimator is a game changer. It creates a sense of confidence for the client, that realizes that the quote is part of a real process, where guessing is no longer a risk. It also creates a fantastic ROI for the professional by accelerating the process and enabling on the spot quotation” concludes Pierre Gaubil.

MagicPlan 5.0 is free to download and runs on all iOS platforms. Android will follow soon. The estimator is free to use on the device, however it necessitates a business subscription to enable the quote creation. The business subscription is $19.99 / month.

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