magicplan 4.0

Montréal/San Francisco

Sensopia announces MagicPlan 4.0 – The Map Inside, a disruptive way to collect, organize, navigate and share indoor data.

MagicPlan is the leading inside mapping technology on mobile devices, with over 6 million unique users generating more than 25,000 inside maps each and every day. MagicPlan automates the capture of room measurement, shape, and documentation – creating a comprehensive floor plan and a map of any indoor space.

“When we began building MagicPlan four years ago, 4.0 is what we wanted to do. We have significantly improved our capture functionality with the ability to aim at ceiling corners. Capturing a room’s shape and measurements takes less than 30 seconds, and success can be had on the first try. Ease of use has always been our challenge, and 4.0 is our best answer,” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia. “Based upon our tests, almost all of the previous usage barriers have been removed.”

“MagicPlan 4.0 delivers enhanced features which improve our survey accuracy and speed of capture. Our Survey teams find it very easy to use and the information is well presented for our Design and Operations teams to interpret and work with. MagicPlan 4.0 provides the confidence and usability we require for our national operation”, says Adam Peat from AVC NextGen”.

Combined to its breakthrough in capture technology, MagicPlan 4.0 has improved accuracy to a minimum of 95%. A new, one-step calibration process makes this possible, and easier than ever before. For 100% accuracy, MagicPlan connects to Bluetooth low energy laser devices from Leica or Bosh.

Additionally, a new, free sharing feature accompanies this major release. Now all MagicPlan users may freely share and send their inside maps to other MagicPlan users with just one tap. Sharing is possible between all iOS and Android devices.

“We will leverage the sharing feature a lot, as it will enable our sales people to share their plans with their clients in one tap. Transferring between devices will also simplify our process “, says Dan Smith, Director at Access Energy.

Finally, a lot of improvements can be expected, a new back-up/restore system, a simplified user interface and a new complete set of statistical data about the property, embodies how much MagicPlan has evolved with this release.

MagicPlan 4.0 is available on all iOS platforms, Android will follow soon. MagicPlan is free to download, free to use on the device, and sharing across MagicPlan users is also free.

MagicPlan business model has evolved and comprises three options:

-Individual property map purchase to generate export files in pdf, jpg, csv, html and dxf and unlock all objects in MagicPlan is $2.99 per map.
-MagicPlan Pro is $9.99 subscription per month per user with unlimited usage and export.
-MagicPlan for business is $19.99 subscription per month per user, and offers master account management and web services to integrate MagicPlan into client’s workflow.

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