MagicPlan 3.0 & New Major Partnerships

Montreal / San Francisco

Sensopia announces MagicPlan 3.0, a major release of its multi-award winner floor plan capture application.

We wanted to deliver a revolutionary application, with a very intuitive way to capture a floor plan and to publish professional documents. MagicPlan 3.0 is the realization of that vision”, says Pierre Gaubil CEO of Sensopia.
MagicPlan 3.0 mainly features a completely new redesigned room assembling module. Assembling rooms is significantly faster, more precise and robust. In addition, MagicPlan 3.0 delivers a new user interface, long awaited functionalities like annotations or wall thickness adjustment.With more than 3.5 millions unique downloads, MagicPlan has received a lot of attention both from the mass market and from businesses. Many companies understood MagicPlan can change the way they interact with their customers.
With MagicPlan 3.0, Sensopia announces a first series of significant partnerships, targeted toward the most active markets.

The first partner is the giant home improvement company, The Home Depot. MagicPlan users can now directly share their floor plan with The Home Depot and make an appointment with a Home Depot associate. In store, the associate can retrieve the floor plan to better assist his client. “We have received incredible attention from the home improvement business. Announcing our first partnership in that field with the worldwide leader, is a sign that MagicPlan can have a significant impact”, concludes Pierre Gaubil.

The second partner is Real Tour Vision, the leading virtual tour technology company in the United States servicing over 100,000 real estate agents and many national commercial accounts. “We want floor plans to be at the cornerstone of a virtual tour. Navigating from an integrated floor plan offers a unique way to visit a house, and MagicPlan is the missing link. It’s an incredibly easy, fast and inexpensive floor plan syatem.”, says Jason LaVanture, Vice President and Founder of RTV.

The last partner is Cocontest, the crowd-sourcing platform for interior design. MagicPlan users can now launch a design contest and get the best architects to bid on their projects. Their floor plan is sent to the Cocontest platform and architects can directly import it into their preferred CAD software.

More partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks.

A crowd-funding campaign is starting with the release of 3.0. “Everyday we receive hundreds of requests from our users. We have combined the most urgent into a project that we call “MagicPlan Everywhere”. It will make MagicPlan accesible to Android users and enable sharing of floor plans across multiple devices. “With the funding campaign on Indiegogo, we are going to accelerate and make MagicPlan everywhere a reality sooner”, says Pierre Gaubil.

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