magicplan: A key to renting turnkey living solutions

Blueground is a hospitality-tech company that is transforming the mid to long-term housing experience. (Visit their website here) Blueground provides beautifully designed rentals with high-end furnishings for business professionals and individual renters looking for a turnkey living solution. Blueground leases carefully-selected, high-quality properties in the most sought-after areas of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dubai, Athens, and Istanbul. Blueground is on a mission to build the world’s first network of perfectly situated, ideally appointed, and beautifully decorated apartments across the world.

The Problem

Blueground needed to present the floor plans of their listed apartments on their website and on various real estate platforms. For every apartment, a precise and visually appealing floor plan should be shown. A floor plan gives a better contextual understanding of an apartment’s layout. Therefore, the team was looking for a cost-effective, easy to use and precise floor plan creation solution.

The Solution

Blueground integrated the floor plan app magicplan into their workflow. With magicplan, operation managers just need a mobile device and they’re ready to go. During visits of new properties, they can create the layouts on the spot. The operation managers just needed to create 2-3 floor plans until they felt very comfortable handling the app. Further important details can be extracted from magicplan as well, such as square footage or room descriptions.

A huge help for Blueground is the “Free Form” feature. This drawing option provides Blueground with the ability to create rooms with tricky layouts that would otherwise take a lot of time.


The Result

Blueground uses floor plans created with magicplan in almost every apartment listing. The floor plans convince with simple and easy to understand graphic designs and ultimately have resulted in greater customer satisfaction. Blueground aims to be present in over 50 cities and 50,000 locations by 2023. Step by step, every plan created with magicplan helps them in renting another turnkey living solution to achieve this goal.

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