Sensopia announces acquisition and magicplan 6.0

Montréal / Munich – Following its acquisition by B&O, the leading German restoration company, Sensopia announces magicplan 6.0, a major update of the award winning application. With the app ́s newest version restoration companies like B&O, professional craftsmen and private homeowners are ready for precise estimations of costs, tasks and time for their renovation projects.

magicplan is the leading mobile application for surveying and transforming indoor spaces with more than 13 million downloads.


With magicplan 6.0, generating comprehensive estimates and quotes for a home renovation is just a matter of minutes. Planning a renovation project should always start based on a floor plan. Thanks to magicplan the floor plan can be created without measuring nor drawing. The augmented reality capabilities make it as easy as taking pictures. Then the magicplan estimator leverages the data of the floor plan to compute material quantities.

Whether the user is redoing a bathroom, painting a room or changing the floor, the magicplan estimator will provide the relevant list of tasks and materials for the upcoming work. Therefore, estimating is so easy and fast – and no expertise is required. The right quantities and sets of material can simply be ordered online.

Professional craftsmen can also benefit from this exceptional ease of use. They can customize magicplan to incorporate their own price list and create their own list of tasks and materials. Detailed estimates for their clients are available in just a few minutes.

The new estimator leverages the expertise of B&O, the leading maintenance and restoration company in Germany. B&O manages half a million apartments, handles about 20.000 renovation projects per year and employs more than 1.000 professional plumbers, electricians and painters.

“We have been using magicplan since 2013 as we have been looking for a tool to streamline our process and make it fast and easy to produce reliable work estimates. magicplan is that tool. In fact we found it so unique that we decided to acquire Sensopia.”, says Andreas Böhm, VP Digital at B&O and new CEO of Sensopia. “The new estimator leverages the expertise that B&O has built over the last decades in residential renovation and brings magicplan to the next level. Creating a detailed estimate in minutes has never before been possible.”

But for Böhm the work does not stop here. B&O and Sensopia are committed to provide magicplan to the home renovation industry as they know the tremendous ROI it can bring to craftsmen or to the DIY ecosystem.

As a first sign of this commitment, with magicplan 6.0 all users are now getting one plan for free and magicplan becomes entirely free for single home owners. “The ambition of magicplan is to change the renovation industry and offering it for free to non professional users is clearly a way to make this change happen”, continues Böhm.

At last version 6.0 also includes multiple new features including a new cloud and 3D visualization so that users can better envision their projects.

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